Effects of Air Pollution on Blood Sugar

Today the rate of air pollution has greatly increased. There is increased production of harmful gases as well as change in weather patterns that have an effect on the quality of air. For people who live within the areas where there is poor air quality there are chances that they might suffer form issue that results with poor air quality. Some of the common conditions that results with living in a rea with poor area quality are those of running noses. click the link

Asthma, irritation in the airways and even having to smell air that smells like campfire. Today however apart from the common issues of being in place with poor air quality there are some serious issues that could arises. A recent study has indicated that exposure to poor air quality usually has an effect on how your body breaks down sugar. For most people who are exposed to either minimal or long-term poor air quality their diabetes risk markers changes. In most cases the smaller the size of the air pollutant the easy its usually for them to penetrate even in some serious areas of your body such as the heart and causing more damage.

In most cases the controlling of body sugars and insulin in the body could have a major effect. For most cases if a person has stable blood sugar the chances are that a person will have fewer cravings, better focus and even stable moods. Having stable blood sugars ensure that you have less inflammation. For most cases inflammation has been associated with the development if serious health issues such as heat diseases and development of cancer. To a large level the kind of food that a person east migh6t have an effect on the stability of the sugar level in the blood. See vitamin b3 benefits

In case you are living within an area where there is poor air quality there are some steps that you can opt to take. For people living within areas where there are fires or change in the weather pattern it’s better to check at the air quality scores. It’s better to have the air quality scores being whiten a range where sugar breakdown in the body shall not be affected. Getting to eat food that contains healthy fast and protein can go to a long extent of keeping the blood sugar stable for the day. To avoid increasing the risk of getting diabetes its better to avoid eating food with lots of sugar.

More details https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jorG68z4_s4&ab_channel=USMLEpass

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